In 1945 Dorothy and Arthur Horton opened up their dream, “Horton Seafood Market”, with a complete selection of the finest and freshest seafood. In 1963 their son Bob, started cooking in a small corner of the market the best fish & chips, the soon-to-be-famous fried clams and more for take-out. In 1988 their younger son, David, remodeled for eat-in. David, his wife Cheryl and their daughter, Heather, continued to carry on the “family tradition” of providing to their customers the finest and freshest seafood available. In 2006 David and Cheryl retired! Now it’s Heather’s turn to continue running the family business. With the help of her husband Brian and her 5 boys, Cameron, Ashton, Sebastian, London and Blaze, Heather will run the business for the next 60 years!